Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what is your background?

I am a portrait and landscape photographer who recently graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from UC Berkeley. I have done creative portraiture as well as family and graduation photos for the past couple of years. I am available for all types of photoshoots.

How long have you been doing portrait photography?

Roughly four years!

What equippment do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and will be switching between a Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Tokina 28-70mm f/2.8 throughout the shoot.

How do you post-process?

I edit all of the photos that will be sent to you using Lightroom. I do not use photoshop.

What are your rates?

I charge $75/hr if the number of people is less than five. For five people and above, I charge $100/hr.

How many photos are returned?

I typically send 50+ photos for a 1-1.5 hour shoot. I delete all duplicates and photos that didnt turn out, but try to keep as many photos that I think turned out as possible. All of these will be sent through Google Drive where you will then be able to download all of the photos.

What is the recommended time for a shoot?

The lighting is best if the photos are taken about two hours before sunset so that we have at least 1.5hrs of good light.

Where else can I see your work?

My Instagram (@ASHLTORRES) is typically much more up-to-date than the portfolio on here.